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Spring & Fall Offerings

Our classroom is the great outdoors!  Actively engage your entire class in the discovery process through hands-on experiences and minds-on investigation in nature at Five Rivers.  Learn more through this Outdoor Classroom Brochure and read more below.  Join us!

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a 60 student maximum per half day visit (3 hour or less visit). If you have 61 or more students, you will need to either visit for 5 hours in one day, or divide your group and visit over two days.



WHAT:  An introduction to science that encourages students to use their five senses to make their own discoveries as they explore wild habitats.  Hands-on activities help the students enjoy exploring the outdoors.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Pre-K – Grade 1 for a 90 minute lesson




WHAT: This introduction to local birds explores how birds are adapted for their habitats. Students will use their observation skills to investigate habitats for bird activity, calls/songs, and survival essentials, such as food and shelter. Hands-on investigation of feathers, beaks, feet, and nests create a better understanding of how birds are adapted for survival in their habitat.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Pre-K – Grade 1 for a 90 minute lesson; Grades 2 & 3 for a two hour lesson




WHAT: Tools, including hand lenses and nets, are used to study these small but fascinating creatures. Students learn basic classification skills, discuss insect life cycles, and investigate the importance of insects in the food web.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Grades 2 – 4 for a two hour lesson




WHAT: An introduction to New York wildlife and its habitats. Students search for clues, such as tracks, holes, and nests to learn about animals; needs and interrelationship. Seasonal changes in wildlife behavior area also explored.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Grades 2 & 3 for a two hour lesson




WHAT: Discover the stream habitat from its currents to its wildlife. Students wade in the stream to collect aquatic organisms, which they observe and identify, and then draw conclusions about the health of the stream and its impact on the wildlife.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Grades 3 & 4 for a two hour lesson




WHAT: Investigate interrelationships within pond/wetland ecosystems. Students collect, observe, and identify aquatic organisms, noting adaptions to the pond habitat. Discussion also includes human interactions with the pond community.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Grades 5 – 8 for a two hour lesson




WHAT: Students share ideas on animal preparations for winter using fur and feathers and themselves. Next, they’ll follow animal tracks on a make-believe snowfield before heading outside to find the real thing!

WHO & HOW LONG:  Grades Pre-K – 2 for a 90 minute lesson




WHAT: The lesson begins with an indoor discussion of animal habitats and winter survival adaptions. Outdoors, the students search for animal signs and tracks. When weather permits, students wear snowshoes and learn basic snowshoeing techniques.

WHO & HOW LONG:  Grades 3 – 7 for a two hour lesson




WHAT: Students use all five senses to investigate sap dripping from trees, smell sap boiling in an evaporator, and taste the sweet result!

WHO & HOW LONG:  Pre-K – Grade 1 for a 50 minute lesson


FIELD GROUPS & FEES FOR ALL PROGRAMS:   See brochure for fee schedule and group size


“My students really enjoyed collecting the aquatic creatures. Only one out of my 24 students had ever been near a stream.”

“They (the students) loved the movement games (brumate, migrate, hibernate) because they held their interest. These will be used for nature walks on our campus.” – Combined Classroom 1st – 3rd Grade Teacher, Animal Signs


“They (the students) were so interested and truly enjoyed (the guide’s) enthusiasm…My students were engaged at all times. The (instructor) was wonderful with the kids. The students enjoyed catching species and figuring out what they caught. We will use the sheets as we create our own ecocolumns, but nothing will match what they did today.”  – Fifth Grade Teacher feedback for Fall 2019 GSP Pond Lesson

“On this trip I saw students in awe over the sound of silence and small moments that they shared with the outdoors. I feel these moments are what help kindle a respect for nature and how the environment is home to all of us, not just humankind.” 
“The instructor did a great job! She even did a huge adaptation for our blind student. The instructor had this student be an assistant instructor.”

“Our students were so inspired and excited to learn more about nature!” – Tri-Village Nursery School Teacher feedback for Marvelous Maples March 2022 program

“What Nancy presented was perfect! For my young class (many 3 years old), they were able to enjoy this field trip with all their senses: touch especially, taste (sap & syrup), smell, sight, and hearing.” – Tri-Village Nursery School Teacher feedback for Marvelous Maples March 2022 program

“The hands on activities were a big hit… tapping the book, drilling the hole, and of course tasting the maple water and syrup.  Thank you, Nancy, for a wonderful tour of Five Rivers!  We all loved it.” – St. Gregory School Teacher feedback for Marvelous Maples March 2022 program


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