50th Anniversary Campaign & Storybook


Our 50th anniversary is a time to reflect and consider what Five Rivers has meant to you and how you can help sustain the mission of the Friends of Five Rivers for years to come.   What memories does Five Rivers hold for you?  And what are those memories worth to help sustain the place they were created?  Please consider donating towards our 50th Anniversary appeal using the button below.  Friends of Five Rivers is a tax-exempt organization.  All donations are tax-deductible as the law allows.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Five Rivers Environmental Education Center and Friends of Five Rivers through your contribution



Below are stories people have shared of their fond memories here at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center over the years.  Enjoy, reading, learning, and reminiscing. 

If you wish to share a story yourself, please email development@friendsoffiverivers.org.

Family Memories

Our family has been visiting Five Rivers since 1985.   We have hiked, skied, snowshoed, birdwatched, attended wildlife presentations, volunteered, and have done trailwork.  As we relax on benches amongst the four hundred and fifty acres, time can stand still and the natural world brings us peace. 

When my younger daughter was about six years old she remembers being the first one to find a spring peeper during an evening walk.  My older daughter cherishes the guided walks with her girl scout group especially around Beaver Pond.

Being guided by The Friends’ volunteers and DEC naturalists feels like spending an enjoyable time with an extended family, sharing a special event at a miraculous place that becomes a wonderful memory.   

~ submitted by Miles Garfinkel


Five Rivers Grief

Five Rivers was my grieving place, a place where comfort and solace were unspoken but deeply experienced.

During my husband’s brief but intense illness, I was in denial that there would come a day when he would be gone.  But that day came in the darkness of late December.  And then January’s despair kicked in.   Not knowing what to do with myself, I sought out trees living together in a forest because Jerry had loved and devoted his entire 30 years career to caring for forests. I chose to go to Five Rivers because I felt safe there.  As I trudged alone in the deep snow drifts, I was strangely comforted by the blistering wintry winds and blowing snow, allowing the winds to whip across my face and pierce my jacket.   The trees were somber companions.  My grief was accepted here.    And in the apparent “dead” or dormancy of winter, I was reminded by the trees’ steadfast forbearance against the driving winds, to not be afraid to feel the full despair of grief.  It would not kill me.  Because life goes on, Spring will come.

The trees’ ancient knowledge is that death is not apart from life, it is part of a greater journey that all living beings share as we cycle through our own seasons.


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