Why I Volunteer

“The power of protecting the future of our planet rests with the influence, knowledge and wisdom our children receive from their parents, teachers and American leaders.  From teaching at Five Rivers these last twenty plus years, I have experienced learning from others through training and observation, intellectual growth and sensitivity to plants and animals, fulfillment when helping a child learn and love our earth, downright fun and enjoyment in instructing, and an inherited family of like-minded environmentally-friendly people who, like me, are concerned about our world. So, ask yourself:  “What can I do today to change tomorrow?”  Volunteer with Friends of Five Rivers, that’s what!”  Norine

“Teaching at GSP combines my love of nature with my love of children; You experience the “unexpected” every class—both from nature and from the children you are guiding; Wonderful fellow volunteers; Children’s happy faces.” Mike

“My kids are all grown up and grandchildren are still very young.  Keeping in touch with children of multiple ages and seeing nature through their eyes is inspiring.  They hold nothing back and it always makes me look again to see what I have missed.  This is also a place that I find that I am always learn something new each time I come to training or instruct a class.  They say we are never too old to learn something new, teaching these lessons does that for me.”   Barb


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