Snow Snake Creation and Racing


Snow Snake is a traditional Haudenosaunee game played during the winter.  The object of the game is to throw your Snow Snake (a straight tree branch) the farthest along a smooth trough made in the snow.  Snow Snakes come in various lengths and designs.

Five Rivers Snow Snake sessions will demonstrate how to prepare the branch for racing by removing twigs, debarking, sanding, decorating, and waxing. You will head home with a branch, sand paper, and wax to use in completing your own unique Snow Snake by Race Day.


  • Everyone! Adult Individuals, Friends, or Families with children (6 family members maximum)

Date and Times:

  • One hour storytelling and instruction at 10:00 am  on February 21, 2023 (this is the only date and time still open to register)
  • Race Heats:  10:00 am or 1:00 pm on February 23, 2023 (rain date: February 24)


  • In person at Five Rivers.  Meet in front of the Visitor Center.

Fee: Materials included

  • $15 for an individual with a Friends membership; $20 for a family (up to 6) with a friends membership
  • $20 for all non-members + $5 / each additional participant
  • Organized Groups (Scout, Schools, etc) email for rates

Registration: Registration deadline is February 14th for the February 21st Snow Snake Creation

  • REGISTER HERE for February 21st at 10 am Snow Snake Creation, as well as Snow Snake Racing heat time on February 23rd



Thomas J. Dorsey Jr. (Tom Two Arrows) (b.1920)
“Ga Wa Ta” or Snow Snake (1942) detail
Courtesy of Albany Institute of History and Art





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