Guided School Program

Spring and Fall Guided School Program

Actively engage your entire class in the discovery process through hands-on experiences and minds-on investigation at Five Rivers.  Our classrooms are the field, pond and stream habitats brimming with life!  Choose from six, age appropriate lessons including Exploring the Outdoors, Animal Signs, Insects, Stream Life and World of Pond, Insects, Birds, Birds, Birds.  Delve into concepts such as adaptations, life cycles, food chains and seasonal changes.

☐        Who?  Schools.

                        Recommend group size:  12 students per Five River’s instructor

                        Maximum Participants / Day: 60 students (4 groups) can be scheduled at a time.

                        No exceptions.

                        Participants will be divided into groups of 4 students with 2 chaperones

per group required.

☐     Lesson time selected by teacher.  Lesson duration 2 hours.

☐        Where?  In person at Five Rivers

☐        Fee?  $95 / group of  up to 15 students.


Program Brochure – click here.

Teachers' GSP Experience

“My students really enjoyed collecting the aquatic creatures. Only one out of my 24 students had ever been near a stream.”

“The instructor did a great job! She even did a huge adaptation for our blind student. The instructor had this student be an assistant instructor.”

“On this trip I saw students in awe over the sound of silence and small moments that they shared with the outdoors. I feel these moments are what help kindle a respect for nature and how the environment is home to all of us, not just humankind.” 

“I thought the lesson and presentation of the lesson was phenomenal! The intro leading into looking for Animal Signs they most connected with because they were comfortable and felt successful. Being near the water was engaging!” 


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